新樂園音樂有限公司 Forbidden Paradise 由MCKY 米奇林、ØZI、RAZOR 剃刀蔣三人聯合經營的音樂廠牌, 在2017年開始發表音樂作品,以ØZI為主要發表音樂作品的藝人,廠牌核心價值為致力於讓亞洲文化國際化。

新樂園主要風格為R&B、Hip-Hop、Urban Music,首張發行專輯《ØZI: The Album》入圍了六項金曲獎並拿下最佳新人獎,廠牌也不定時推出介紹歌手與製作人的音樂節目,使聽眾更加全面的了解音樂製作領域與文化。

在2020年正式與Transparent Arts開始了音樂合作計畫,2021年發表全球專輯《PEDESTAL基石》,同年也宣布了與日本大型娛樂公司Creativeman Productions的簽約合作,逐步實現了國際化的諾言,未來將持續擴大規模,帶給觀眾更多突破視野的音樂作品。

Forbidden Paradise is a music label founded by MCKY, ØZI, and RAZOR. With ØZI as the main artist, they started to publish music in 2017, and have been focusing on developing a solid fan base overseas.

Focusing on R&B and Hip-Hop music, Forbidden Paradise’s first album ØZI: The Album was nominated for six GMA Awards and won Best New Artist of the Year. The label also produces shows about the music making process and the origins of R&B music, educating listeners about the culture and making process that is usually behind the scenes.

In 2020, Forbidden Paradise started it’s partnership with Transparent Arts. Aiming at the international market, they released ØZI’s album PEDESTAL in 2021, collaborating with renowned musicians, and producing the album with the highest standards. Forbidden Paradise is on the rise to worldwide recognition.